A program of tools and exciting ideas. Not more reading or recycled old approaches.
Change one word and giving in your church will never be the same.
LINEAR GIVING is stewardship as you have never experienced it.
Just one of the many ideas and tools that are offered can return the cost of this program many times over.
Discover how to make adjustments during the PRESENT RECESSION.
Energize your FINANCE/BUDGET COMMITTEE with vision and enthusiasm.
Learn how to create a budget that will substantially increase your present giving in one year.
Discover how you can accurately predict what your giving for the year will be.
LINEAR GIVING is not a one time program.
It is not a once a year program.
IT IS an all year long emphasis that will NEVER
get old, wear thin or lose its creativity.
 timeless truth and relevant adaptation.

A MANUAL with six books. Over 180 pages of fresh approaches and ideas that you can start using right away. MEDIA: DVD and CD with a wealth of info.

Constantly being updated.

All this Now for just $199.00. 
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